Miss Okazaki
In 1928, the city of Okazaki in Aichi Prefecture sent a Friendship Doll to America. The photo below shows the farewell ceremony of Miss Okazaki. Note the seven American Blue-eyed dolls sitting in front of Miss Okazaki.

The following is the farewell address to Miss Okazaki, delivered on October 4, 1928 by Toshiki Honda, Mayor of Okazaki, Japan.

      It was last year that new dolls like Miss Ruth and Mr. Lincoln arrived and joined the old familiar figures of imperial personages, court ladies and quintet musicians at our Dolls Festival. I do not believe that anybody can imagine with what joy and affection and goodwill the children of Japan have received the newcomers. And this same love of Japanese children which knows no distance or no barrier has been extended to the members of the International Children Friendship Society and the hundreds of thousands of children in America. I am told that our Doll Festival is intended to illustrate the joyful companionship of all kinds of people of Japan, both rich and poor and both high and low. But it seems to me the Festival has become symbolic of the happy international fellowship of American and Japanese peoples because of the presence of these dolls from America.

      Miss Okazaki, you are going far across the sea to America just as Miss Ruth and Mr. Lincoln have come to Japan. Please carry to the children of America a message of good will and friendship from the children of Japan. Miss Aichi and others have gone before you. I hope that you will all work together and show the true worth of Japanese dolls by doing well your great errand of love. I wish you a fair and prosperous journey.

Speech translated July 17, 1929 in the Office of Consulate General of Japan by courtesy of Mr. Kyoshi Uchiyama - Acting Consul General

Miss Okazaki greatly delighted many teachers and school children in the state of New Jersey. Minet Blackwell Moore wrote a heartfelt letter of thanks to the Mayor of Okazaki for the kindness expressed by the people of the city of Okazaki.

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Special thanks to Margaret Russomanno for providing the photo and translation of speech

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