Reprinted with permission from
Dolls of Friendship, 2nd Edition,
copyright 1997, Sidney L. Gulick, 3d

Letter From Primary School in Kagawa Prefecture
"To my friends in the land of stars"

A doll which is the ambassador of peace came to my school from far America. My school is situated on top of a hill, and there are many lovely green trees round about the school, and we can see the boats coming and going over the bay which is smooth like a millpond.

We can see Mount Amagiri, which has an abundance of trees.

Oh, my school is such a lovely school, just like the one we read about in a fairy story. I am studying very happily in this school, and I am in the fifth grade. I long for America whenever the teachers teach us geography of your wide country.

My heart was full of happiness when I was saluted "Mama" by that ambassador with blue eyes and golden hair, and cheeks that are so rosy, and lovely plump body, legs and feet. On the 10th of May we held a welcome meeting. Our big auditorium was full of village people. At that time we put beautiful flowers in a vase and made a lovely wealth.

Besides that, we drew pictures and wrote compositions and did writing lessons and handwork. These we hung in front of the platform. Lovely Japanese dolls sat beside the dolls which were so kindly sent to us from America. Japanese dolls made friends with her. I think that doll was happy with the Japanese dolls. I wish you could see a delightful meeting such as this. We will be friendly forever with this doll, and study well because of her presence with us.

Shirakata Primary School,                             
Nakatodo Gun, Kagawa Prefecture                  

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